The cluster „IMMUNTEL - Immune Technologies“ is located in the heart of Germany, in Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. We address the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for immune stimulation and –modulation including aspects of regenerative medicine and medical technology. Herewith, we focus on a technology area   that is expected to deliver truly disruptive technologies and highly innovative products within the next few years. We and our partners are aiming at nothing less than providing patients with new options for the very early diagnosis of serious diseases and in turn, new and promising treatment options for diseases with a high medical need. 


On request of the consortium IMMUNTEL, Tutelacell GmbH is proud of providing management services to the cluster. Our Leipzig-based consultancy firm was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from Fraunhofer IZI’s senior management, having its focus on providing comprehensive support packages to international companies that have the intention to establish R&D and/or other business activities in Germany.


Aim of the Cluster Immune Technologies is to expand and grow the existing network of researchers and industrial partners in Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt and in particular, to connect them with excellent international partners worldwide. This is thought to contribute significantly to the international visibility of the wide and extremly heterogenous R&D-landscape in Central Germany. Moreover – and even more important, we are aiming to combine our innovation strength with that of renowend international partners thus facilitating the joint development of innovative products and technologies. This in turn will strengthen the the prosperous economies in Central Germany and in the international target regions too.


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